Monday, December 26, 2016

Yellow Galactic Human/ Yellow Crystal Seed - Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Equality, Day 14

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez 

A small child stood up on stage at a rally and started speaking passionately about the environment. The six-year-old told the crowd: “I shouldn’t be standing up here. It should be the adults that are protecting the planet. But they’re not, so I’m up here.”

Fast forward to a decade later and the same Colorado boy, now a young teen, has launched an astounding lawsuit, where he is holding the US administration accountable for a reckless lack of action over climate change.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is one of 21 children and young adults who have joined with climate scientist James Hansen in launching legal action against the US government for failing to cease the use of fossil fuels. In a David and Goliath action, the youth activists have taken on the giants of the oil industry.

The lawsuit was filed in 2015, with the youth plaintiffs suing the Federal Government for violating their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property. In November, in a remarkable and historic ruling, despite pressure from the US government and the oil companies who attempted to quash the lawsuit, a court ruled that the legal challenge could be upheld. Judge Ann Aiken ruled that a stable climate is a fundamental human right. Her ruling has cleared the way for the case to head to trial and set an incredible precedent where youth can have a voice, and take on multi-billion dollar companies in the federal court.

"I have no doubt that the right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life is fundamental to a free and ordered society. Just as marriage is the foundation of the family, a stable climate system is quite literally the foundation of society, without which there would be neither civilization nor progress. … To hold otherwise would be to say that the Constitution affords no protection against a government’s knowing decision to poison the air its citizens breathe or the water its citizens drink." – Judge Ann Aiken

In an interview with UPLIFT, Xiuhtezcatl said he is thrilled by the result. He says it’s inspiring, but they haven’t won yet and need to keep pushing the case forward. “We would like to be able to win in the lawsuit. If we won this lawsuit it would cause the federal courts to force the government to make massive reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. That’s what we’re asking for.”

Xiutezcatl outlined the legal process that is now giving these extraordinary young people who range in age from 9 to 20, the right to testify in court, and share the stories of environmental destruction in their own backyards that are negatively impacting each of their young lives and their communities.

“Our standing was written into the Constitution, as well as a legal document called the public trust doctrine. Which says that the resources are to be maintained for the present and future generations. We have a claim that the atmosphere is a very important resource that doesn’t belong to anyone, but it affects every human being on the planet. And our government has a very important responsibility to uphold our constitutional rights, as well as our right to have the atmosphere, which they are failing to do because of their action to create climate change, their inaction to regulate it, and to mitigate it.”

We live in amazing times, the world is changing fast and these millennials are showing up to be a talented, heartfelt and driven group of young people who will not accept the devastation of the environment around them, the unfair systems, and the prejudice of the flawed world we live in today. They are working with current systems to create wholly new paradigms for the future that will benefit us all.

"This ruling shows the power the youth have. I think one of the biggest steps that need to be taken and shifts in consciousness, is understanding the power that the younger generation has; to use a voice that hasn’t always been heard in our world, and in a way has always been one of the most powerful voices in the world. We have some of the most intelligent minds among our generation."

The ruling by Judge Aiken not only validated climate change in a world of vehement climate change denyers, but it gave an extraordinary power to these remarkable young people who now have a fair chance to take on the US government, have their day in court, and hold the government accountable. The hearing will take place in May next year.

Our Children’s Trust Chief Legal Counsel, Julia Olson, who represents the youth plaintiffs, told CNN that president-elect Donald Trump will automatically become a defendant in the case when he assumes power in January 2017. We are up for interesting times, as the case is bound to stir the pot under Trump, who has notoriously referred to climate change as a ‘hoax’. Trump has also threatened to ditch many environmental gains made during Obama’s presidency, including the Paris agreement on climate change.

With climate change action in tatters, people are saying that Xiuhtezcatl is the planet’s best hope for our future. This is a lot of pressure and the expectations on the sophomore are enormous. Xiuhtezcatl said he is firmly committed to community action, as this is where global change happens, and that his mission is to empower young people to have a voice.

Working with the other youth, staying around young energy is incredibly empowering – collaborating with other people and other youth. It’s an amazing thing. I stay focused on the positive solutions. Rather than focus on the bad, focus on the positive. – Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

The indigenous hip-hop artist became a climate change activist at the tender age of six when he saw an environmental documentary. He asked his mother to find a way for him to speak at a rally, and that was it. He began speaking around the world at various environment summits and has addressed the UN assembly many times. His commitment to his mission came out of his great love for the natural world, but also from a very personal well of deep sadness. “I saw the beauty of nature, of different species and different ecosystems thriving. And then I saw that disappearing because of our crimes against the earth … I wanted to pass on a beautiful planet and protect what I loved.”

Today he is the Youth Director of Earth Guardians, an organization of activists, artists and musicians from around the globe, and he gives presentations on fracking and climate change at schools and conferences across America and he uses his musical talent and creativity to deliver his message. “I’m fighting to protect the things that I love by doing what I love.”*


Kin 112: Yellow Galactic Human

I harmonize in order to influence
Modeling wisdom
I seal the process of free will 
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of intelligence
I am a galactic activation portal 
Enter me.

Self-discipline means you are able to control thought waves, emotional reactions and habitual thought-forms.*

*Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2016-2017,

The Sacred Tzolk'in 

Anahata Chakra  (Silio Plasma)

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