Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Red Galactic Earth/ Crystal Rabbit Moon of Dedication, Day 11

8 Caban



Red Galactic Earth


 Bullies birth the Saints


Thus has it been e’er long


 Sixth Sun now dawns

With the Element Five –


 Acronym turns Hieroglyph

And Cries of Grief to Song.



©Kleomichele Leeds


6/8/2021 Yellow Resonant Warrior/ Crystal Rabbit Moon of Dedication, Day 10

7 Cib


Yellow Resonant Warrior


Deep within the Earth –

Far below the Land and Sea

Shine the Lights of a great City


A Citadel of cubic Form

Of Gold and Crystal spun –

From whence the human Soul is borne


While Gems and Jewels and Metals bright

Found in Ground and Rocky Depths

Give pale Hints of Immortality


We cherish these and call them Treasure

Light bound up and limited –

  Hiding even greater Measure


Prophets portend – Poets remember

Psyche quivers in Ecstasy –

Ineluctable Electron of Mystery!


A New Jerusalem gleams in the Core

A new Heaven – a new Earth –

And there shall be Sorrow no more. 


©Kleomichele Leeds


Monday, June 7, 2021

Blue Rhythmic Eagle/ Crystal Rabbit Moon of Dedication, Day 9


6 Chuen


Blue Rhythmic Monkey


Moon-Song pulls us

Through life/death/life

Surrounding Bodies with Soul


Soul is paramount –

Paradox and tantamount

To our blessed Destiny


Purpose lends meaning

To Life in this Mechanized Age

False Age, False Time, Wrong Ratio


Art alone unites


Appoints the Angels

In our Midst.


©Kleomichele Leeds



Sunday, June 6, 2021

White Overtone Wizard/ Crystal Rabbit Moon of Dedication, Day 8

5 Ix

White Overtone Wizard


Thou art liquid Glass arising –

Animated prism’d Rain

I am warm and flaming Fire

Burning in your watery Bower –


In tandem we do represent

Extremes of Nature

Opposites in Temperament –

A Union most phenomenal

This wondrous Fount and Flame –

The Alchemy of Godhead –

Hippocrene* by name.


*Hippocrene:  the fountain (fountain of the horse) on Mount Helicon, sacred to the Muses, engendered by a stroke of Pegasus’ hoof; source of poetic inspiration.


©Kleomichele Leeds



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Red Self-Existing Skywalker/ Crystal Rabbit Moon of Dedication, Day 7

4 Ben


Red Self-Existing Skywalker


 I can almost hear

My Soul walking –

She was crippled – lame

Limping about –

Slouching toward Bethlehem

In Grief and Pain

Separated from Splendor –

Hiding for Days cramped  

In over-crowded Places –

In small unguarded Spaces


Now Signs and Symbols shout –

Translating the Unconscious

Into Consciousness –

Crushing the overarching Power

Of the Patriarchy

To miss the Point entirely


Oh, my waking, walking Soul – my Guide –

Let us prance and dance with Ease

Like a fat elm in a strong Breeze –

My Heart beats to the Rhythm of your Stride.



©Kleomichele Leeds

Friday, June 4, 2021

Yellow Electric Human/ Crystal Rabbit Moon of Dedication, Day 6


3 Eb


Yellow Electric Human

(A Sonnet Shakespearean)


Oh Muse, oh Husband, may you be the same

That I need only look to one for All

Allow my Marriage to yield more than Name

As Adam cherished Eve before the Fall

Dear Muse, dear Husband, if it be our will

May well our Union celebrated be

While we raise Progeny of Ink and Quill

Prolific now but more so presently

We’ll populate the earth with measured Feet –

Not Human merely but also in Verse

Verse whose noble Lines inspire not Deceit –

But Love and Honor o’er the Universe


When so my musing husbanded shall be –

None other would I bow before but Thee. 


©Kleomichele Leeds

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Blue Lunar Monkey/ Crystal Rabbit Moon of Dedication, Day 5

2 Chuen


Blue Lunar Monkey


Winged Ones gather –

Jay, Dove, and Crane

Calling each other

In joyous Refrain


They entertain

 Branch and Vine

On a verdant Abundance of

 Oak and Pine. 


©Kleomichele Leeds