Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blue Solar Eagle/ Blue Cosmic Hand - Resonant Monkey Moon of Attunement, Day 14

ACOMA Pottery Olla Hand-Coiled Parrot Design Vintage Home Decor Accessories Rustic Decor Native American Tribal Art Wedding Gift:
ACOMA Pottery Olla Hand-Coiled Parrot Design.

Acoma Pueblo (/ˈækəmə/; Western Keresan: Aa'ku; Zuni: Hakukya; Navajo: Haakʼoh) is a Native American pueblo approximately 60 miles (97 km) west of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the United States. Three villages make up Acoma Pueblo: Sky City (Old Acoma), Acomita, and Mcartys. The Acoma Pueblo tribe is a federally recognized tribal entity. The historical land of Acoma Pueblo totaled roughly 5,000,000 acres (2,000,000 ha). Only 10% of this land remains in the hands of the community within the Acoma Indian Reservation.

According to the 2010 United States Census, 4,989 people identified as Acoma. The Acoma have continuously occupied the area for more than 800 years, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States. Acoma tribal traditions estimate that they have lived in the village for more than two thousand years.

Pueblo people are believed to have descended from the Anasazi, Mogollon, and other ancient peoples. These influences are seen in the architecture, farming style, and artistry of the Acoma. In the 13th century, the Anasazi abandoned their canyon homelands due to climate change and social upheaval. For upwards of two centuries migrations occurred in the area, and Acoma Pueblo would emerge by the thirteenth century. 

The Pueblo lies on a 365 foot mesa, about 60 miles (97 km) west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The isolation and location of the Pueblo has sheltered the community for more than 1,200 years, which sought to avoid conflict with neighboring Navajos and Apaches.*


Kin 35: Blue Solar Eagle

I pulse in order to create
Realizing mind
I seal the output of vision
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of magic.

It is the property of a divine intellect to be always intently thinking about the beautiful.*

*Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2015-2016.

The Sacred Tzolk'in 

Anahata Chakra  (Silio Plasma)

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